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Why Your Child Should See an Orthodontist by Age 7

Posted on October 1, 2021


According to the American Association of Orthodontists, parents should take their children for their first orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven. Many parents might think that their child is too young to visit an orthodontist, but it’s actually in their best interest to get a head start in this department. Keep reading to find out why your child should see an orthodontist as early as possible, preferably by age seven.

Early Orthodontic Treatment Prepares Your Child for Future Dental Treatment

As mentioned, some parents may believe early orthodontic treatment is not necessary for their child. Instead, they might consider waiting until their child no longer has their baby teeth. On the contrary, early treatments ensure that your child’s orthodontist has ample time to devise a plan for any future treatment your child may need.

For instance, if your child’s mouth doesn’t have enough room for the development of their adult teeth, an orthodontist will be able to decide whether to use a palatal expander or other methods. This device widens the upper jaw, creating enough room for the incoming teeth. An orthodontist can also recommend braces, Invisalign, or other dental treatment options to ensure that there are no problems when your child’s adult teeth finally come in.

Visiting an Orthodontist by Age Seven Helps Avoid More Serious Issues

Early orthodontic treatment sheds light on any dental treatment your child will require to ensure their adult teeth grow in as healthily as possible. There are several signs that can help parents determine if their child is due for a visit to the orthodontist.

For example, your child’s teeth may be misaligned, crooked, protruding, crowded, or have irregular spacing. Sometimes, children can start losing their baby teeth sooner than expected, or they may be grinding or clenching their teeth. Taking them to the orthodontist will ensure that all of these issues are checked out and fixed before they become more serious and costly.

Make an Appointment With Us for Your Child’s First Orthodontic Visit

When you bring your child in for their initial orthodontic appointment, we will conduct a thorough examination of their mouth and teeth. We will make sure your child is as comfortable as possible, and we also want you to be comfortable enough to ask any questions about your child’s early orthodontic treatment, so feel free to contact us at Today’s Orthodontics!

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