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How to Help Your Child With Dentist Office Anxiety

Posted on May 5, 2022

Going to the dentist can be a scary experience for children, especially if they have never been before. Dental anxiety is very common, and it can be tough to get a child to open up about their fears. According to the National Library of Medicine, dental anxiety was observed in 6.3% of five-to-10-year-old children in the research population. Here are some tips on how to help your child with dentist office anxiety:

1. Talk to Your Child About Their Fears

One way to do this is to talk to them about their fears and explain what will happen at the dentist. Our pediatric dentist’s office will have a dentist or dental hygienist that specializes in working with kids, so be sure to let your child know this as well. The most important thing is to let your child know that you’re there for them and that you’ll be right outside the door if they need you.

2. Role-play With Your Child

This can be a great way to help your child feel more comfortable about going to the dentist. This will allow them to get a feel for what it’s like to be in the dental chair and help them understand what will happen during their appointment. You can also use a stuffed animal or doll as the patient while you play the part of the dentist. This can help your child feel more comfortable about being in the dental chair and getting their teeth checked.

3. Use Positive Reinforcement

Be sure to praise your child for being brave and doing a good job at the dentist. You can also give them a special treat after their appointment, such as going out for a fun event or picking out a new toy. This will help them associate going to the dentist with something positive and make them more likely to want to go back. In addition, be sure to avoid using negative words or phrases about going to the dentist, this can only make your child’s anxiety worse.

As you can see, there are a few things that you can do to help your child with dentist office anxiety. Be sure to talk to them about their fears, role-play with them, and use positive reinforcement. With these tips, your child will be on their way to feeling more comfortable at the dentist. For more information about dental anxiety in children, be sure to contact us today.

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