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How Can a Mouth Guard Protect You in Sports?

Posted on March 6, 2023

According to Dental Care, sports are the cause of up to 39% of all dental injuries. If you’re an athlete or avid sports enthusiast, it’s important to protect your teeth. Sports injuries can lead to lost and broken teeth as well as broken jaws. Sports protection is also an important part of childrens dental care. A mouth guard is a simple solution that will help protect your mouth, teeth, and jaw. Let’s take a closer look!

A Mouth Guard Provides Concussion Prevention

Because of the extra cushioning provided between the mandible and maxilla by a mouthguard, it’s less likely to suffer a concussion when wearing one. Mouthguards are always a great idea whenever you or your child are playing contact sports. If you want to ensure the safety of your child now, as well as their health down the road, these are smart investments.

Fewer Soft Tissue Injuries Occur with a Mouth Guard

Childrens dental care includes protecting the mouth and jaw from injury. Without this type of protection, it’s easy to cause lifelong damage to the mouth, jaw, and gums. Without a mouth guard, it’s also possible to bite through one’s tongue or lips. This can be a major injury that requires stitches or even corrective surgery. Anyone playing contact sports should always wear a mouthguard to prevent this type of injury.

Guards Prevent Serious Damage to Teeth

If a child is hit in the head or face, it can cause serious harm to their teeth and jaw. Even if a child still has their baby teeth, this type of injury can cause lasting damage. If the gum or tooth bed is damaged in childhood, it can affect dental health for a lifetime. If a baby tooth is broken or knocked out, it can cause alignment issues when adult teeth come in. The same is true with injuries to the jaw. If a jaw is broken before permanent teeth come in, it can cause future problems that could require surgery to correct. If your child is active in sports, be sure to have a professionally fitted protective mouth guard for them to wear.

Is it time for a mouthguard? We can provide you with the right mouth guard to protect your teeth while playing sports. Just as routine dentist visits are crucial for oral health, sports guards are also an important part of childrens dental care. Don’t let a sports injury disrupt your child’s dental development. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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