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How to Properly Care for Your Invisalign

Posted on March 15, 2023

Invisalign is a great system for straightening teeth without the need for traditional braces. This system uses clear aligners to move the teeth into better positions over time. According to a North American survey, more than 96% of patients are satisfied with Invisalign. When you use the system, it’s important to take good care of… Read more »

What Should You Do If Your Braces Break?

Posted on March 14, 2023

When you have braces, you must care for them properly so that they remain intact. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, and they may break or become loose. If this happens, it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure your mouth stays healthy and you can repair your orthodontic device. Call Your Orthodontist The first step… Read more »

When Is the Best Time to Get Invisalign?

Posted on March 8, 2023

You want to make sure that you are taking care of your teeth at all ages. In fact, according to Healthline, your teeth will move around the most between the ages of 35-50. A lot of older people consider Invisalign when they want to improve their smile. But when is the right time to start… Read more »

How Can a Mouth Guard Protect You in Sports?

Posted on March 6, 2023

According to Dental Care, sports are the cause of up to 39% of all dental injuries. If you’re an athlete or avid sports enthusiast, it’s important to protect your teeth. Sports injuries can lead to lost and broken teeth as well as broken jaws. Sports protection is also an important part of childrens dental care…. Read more »

Ways Braces Improve Your Oral Health

Posted on January 5, 2023

Going to the orthodontist isn’t just for teenagers anymore. As many as 75% of Americans could benefit from going to an orthodontist, according to the American Association of Orthodontists. Braces work to align your teeth and correct bite issues. As tooth alignment improves, there are other oral health benefits to braces that we’ll review below…. Read more »

4 Signs Your Child Should See a Local Orthodontist

Posted on October 25, 2022

In the United States, 3.9 million children are considered orthodontic patients. A child’s first orthodontic appointment will usually occur around age seven, according to the American Association of Orthodontics. However, if your child is exhibiting any of the signs listed below, it may be time for them to visit a local orthodontist. 1. Space Between… Read more »

Why is Wearing a Retainer Crucial?

Posted on October 25, 2022

Congratulations, your orthodontic treatment is complete! By the time your braces are removed, they will have straightened your teeth, and you will be ready for a lifetime of happy smiles. The next phase of your treatment is equally important. Your orthodontist will tell you that you need to wear a retainer. Here’s why wearing your… Read more »

Common Teeth Alignment Problems

Posted on August 16, 2022

We all want a perfect smile, but sometimes our teeth just don’t cooperate. Teeth alignment problems are common and can lead to a whole host of other oral health issues, like dental cavities. In fact, according to the National Institute of Health, the prevalence of dental cavities is five times more than childhood asthma and… Read more »

Can an Overbite Be Fixed With Invisalign?

Posted on August 15, 2022

Many oral diseases are caused by overbites. There are numerous solutions to this orthodontic issue, including transparent Invisalign. But can your overbite be fixed with Invisalign? Correcting overbites is a common reason people use aligners. If you have an overbite, it means your upper teeth extend too far past your lower teeth. Invisalign is often… Read more »

5 Benefits of Traditional Braces

Posted on August 12, 2022

Misaligned jaws or crowded teeth can be a premise to other dental problems if not prevented in time. Other than aesthetic reasons, people wear braces to avoid bite problems such as an overbite, underbite, and crossbite. Various orthodontic treatments can eliminate these problems, but settling on one that best fits your needs can be difficult…. Read more »

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