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3 Reasons Why You Might Want a Custom Mouthguard

Posted on September 29, 2022


Mouthguards are essential protection if your child plays sports, whether they have braces or not. But if they do wear braces, a custom mouthguard is even more important. According to Sports Health, about 5 million teeth every year are chipped, cracked, or damaged during sporting events. In fact, sports account for 34% of all oral injuries in children. Here are some reasons why you might want a custom mouthguard.

Braces Can Be Dangerous

If your kid wears braces, they have to take special care not to get hit in the mouth. Brace wires can pierce the skin in the mouth and cause quite a bit of pain and damage. A custom mouthguard that is built to fit your child’s mouth will provide more cushioning and protection.
Over-the-counter mouthguards require boiling and molding to the mouth and there is no guarantee that you will get the right fit. A custom mouthguard is made to account for the unique needs of brace wearers. The fit is always perfect.

Custom Mouthguards Provide More Comfort

If a child’s mouthguard is not comfortable, they probably won’t want to wear it. A custom mouthguard created by your orthodontist will fit much more comfortably. Comfort is a priority to ensure your child wears it when needed.

Mouthguards Are Not Only For Sports

Both adults and kids can grind their teeth in their sleep. Teeth grinding can wear away the enamel and cause trouble. A custom guard can help stop this damage. There are a lot of reasons behind people grinding their teeth and it can be a very difficult habit to break. A mouthguard will not stop the grinding, but it will protect the teeth and stop the damage. An ill-fitting guard can disrupt your sleep so make sure to get one that is custom fit.

Mouthguards are an excellent solution for protection. Having a custom guard created by your dentist will ensure that you get the most benefits for the safety of your teeth. Give our orthodontists a call today for more information on the perfect mouthguard for you.

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